On Tuesday, Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express, the country’s first high-speed semi-luxurious train returned to Mumbai after completing its first trip and the train’s condition once again proved that we Indians not only somewhere lack in basic civic sense but also collectively fail when it comes to take care of public properties.

One day prior to its maiden journey the windows of the Tejas Express were damaged and when it returned after its first trip around 12 of high quality headphones were missing , the LCD screen provided to the passengers were damaged , the floor was littered with cups, wrappers and bags of chips.


“The headphones were distributed just after the journey commenced. There wasn’t an announcement to return the headphones because we expected passengers to not carry them away, just like they don’t take away pillows and blankets”, a senior railway official told Mumbai Mirror.

Tejas Express is capable of running at the speed of 200 kmph , and has unique features like automatic doors , infotainment screens for each seat, WiFi, CCTV, tea and coffee vending machines, bio-vacuum toilets and touch-less water taps.

Some of the passengers tried to remove the LCD screen by pulling on its hinges. After a while, a railway official came and tightened the screws.The toilet was soiled and was stinking as the people didn’t even bother to flush properly after they used it. In fact, I had to flush twice until it was clean enough to be used.” Aditya Tembe a passenger told Asian Age.


The railway officials were shocked to see the condition of the train following which they decided to appeal to the passengers to treat it like their own property.

Central Railway chief public relations officer, Narendra Patil has appealed to the public to maintain civic sense on the train. “It is true that the train was in a bad shape when it came back yesterday. We, the Indian Railways, want to appeal to the people of India to use these facilities with a sense of responsibility. After all, the railways belong to us and not just the government. And Tejas is something we are really proud of as a nation, hence it is our humble request that passengers keep the railways as clean as their homes.”


Senior divisional security commissioner, Sachin Bhalode said, “We will check the CCTV footage to identity the culprits. The cameras have been placed in vestibule and corners of the compartment.

The whole incident is really shameful and shows how much we Indians care about public properties and our behavior in public. Why do we fail to understand that we are not causing loss to the government , it is taxpayer’s money that will be used to recover the damage that we are causing. Hope we have also got the answer to our questions about why the mugs in an Indian train’s toilets are chained.

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