We are tired of bringing to you such news but yet can’t stop keeping in view the huge number in which they keep appearing every day.Today we’re talking about a 16 YO girl who has been raped and impregnated by her own father (only biological, though) and is now 8 months pregnant.

The man already holds a criminal record as serious as murder to his credit.As per the village sarpanch, “He was in judicial custody for nearly three years after being accused of killing his wife and was acquitted for want of evidence.” “When he was in jail, we got his daughters admitted to a girls’ hostel. But he pulled his daughters out of the hostel last year,” the sarpanch told to Hindustan Times.The doctor handling the case says to HT, now that the Medical Termination of Pregnancy allows abortion of fetus up to 20 weeks of age, nothing can be done for the poor victim’s welfare.


She had no clue of her pregnancy and kept mum about rape out of fright. She would have appeared for her board exams in 5 months but now her dreams have succumbed to the cruelty of her father. In a month she will be a mother to a child born out of rape that too by her father(We don’t even know how to define this messed up thing)


Here is what PV Padmaja, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), Shamshabad, said to HT–“Though we have all the evidence against the girl’s father to prove he repeatedly raped her, we are getting him medically examined to test his potency so that he cannot deny the heinous act.”

The accused has been booked by the police under Indian Penal Code sections related to committing rape repeatedly on a person below 16 years of age, giving false information, and criminal intimidation, besides sections under the Juvenile Justice Act and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

We fall short of words to criticise this incidence. We just wonder, who on this Earth is a girl ‘allowed’ to trust and not anticipate a danger from? The girl now cries when doctors and nurses try to check on her. We don’t know whether how and when she will be able to recover from this trauma. How will she live with a baby born out of rape by his own father?

We don’t know whether people even understand what they are doing before committing such crimes? Here is an upcoming film Ajji’s trailer which deals with the dark reality of rape.This will give you a fair idea about what a victim goes through after this heinous crime is committed with her.

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Source: Hindustan Times

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