Success for those who fought and relief for those who suffered, it has been finally declared by Telangana Government that no parking fees would be charged in malls and multiplexes of urban areas of Telangana including Hyderabad up to 30 minutes of the parking.
It has also been declared that if the owner of the vehicle presents a shopping bill – he won’t be charged up to 1 hour and those presenting bill or movie ticket which is more than the parking fee – they won’t be charged, as mentioned in the Government Orders.

This has been declared after many citizens complained and raised this issue in courts and submitted their representations.
A citizen also mentioned that he was forced to pay the parking fees for parking the vehicle just for 10 minutes.

Taking to Twitter, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Principal (MAUD) Secretary Arvind Kumar posted a copy of the GO on social media.

In February this year, an advocate wrote to Hyderabad Commissioner of police VV Srinivasa Rao, arguing that the collection of parking fees was illegal.

“Commercial complex owners have no authority under the act to impose and collect fees from the public. According to rule 12 of the Multi-Storeyed Building Rules 1981 and zoning regulation of GO number 423, it is mandatory for owners of commercial complexes to provide regular parking facility to visitors at free of cost. These complexes shall use them as commercial ventures and make money out of them,” Advocate K Ravalee, was quoted as saying.

It has been going frequently in the past months of August and beyond that people have been taking to Facebook and other social media platforms. It is a law that commercial complexes are public spaces as they function by inviting the public, so the public spaces must be free of cost and it is very important to know about it.

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