Honour killing is one of the shameful acts that has been practiced in the society for long. People don’t hesitate in murdering their own children or family members for saving their so-called ‘honor. Needless to say, instead of having “honour” in it, the act is heinous and shameful.

In yet another incident of honor killing a 13 year old girl was killed by her father on Firday in Theetedu village, Chintapally of Nalgonda district, nearly 100 km away from Hyderabad.

According to a TheNewsMinute report, The accused P Narasimha and P Lingamma, parents of the girl wew both were charged under section 302 (punishment for murder) and sent to remand on Monday.

The girl’s father along with her mother tried to cover up the incident by burning the body and terming it as a suicide. However, since the body looked immobile it raised the suscipision of police after which it was revealed that the parents had killed her.


TheNewsMinute quoted Chintapally Sub Inspector, M Nagabhushanam Rao as saying, “Her father was angry because she was being friendly with boys. Her father scolded her and there was a heated argument between the two of them on the day of the crime. The girl kept denying the suspicions raised by her father and argued with him. Aggravated by this, her father slapped her and hit her against the wall.

He then choked her too, following which she slipped into a coma. Only later, as the girl didn’t respond, the parents realised that the girl had died. Fearing arrest, the girl’s mother aided her husband in trying to cover up the incident”.

The police further revealed that when they visited the body they got suspicious.”When someone sets themselves ablaze they run around crying in pain for help. But this body was immobile. So, we questioned the parents and they confessed to the crime.”Rao added.



According to a news report, a spike has been seen in India in the number of honour killings reported since 2014. Indian police registered 251 cases of honour killings in 2015. However, this could be a positive trend as the surge could partly reflect more willingness by people to report such crimes, which many still consider just punishment for women and men who defy communal customs by marrying outside of their religion, clan, or caste.

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