Bizarre news like idols of lords drinking milk has become familiar to people now. But, a human being getting a milk abhishekam for real is a rare view. But that’s exactly what happened in Telangana.

TRS activists of Shayampeta village managed to organize a grand felicitation program for Telangana legislative assembly speaker Sirikonda Madhusudhana Chary. They basically tried to recreate a scene from the Oke Okkadu film.


They arranged all this to honour Sirikonda Madhusudhana Chary for inagurating a new village council office in the village which falls under Warangal district.

The recently passed Panchayat Raj Act by the Telangana government will be converting  4,000 villages into new gram panchayats, including 1,500 tribal hamlets.


The TRS activists got overwhelmed to see the development and decided to surprise Speaker Sirikonda Madhusudhana Chary.

He is also a very familiar to the common people for taking unconventional decisions for the welfare of his constituency.

The incident came into light when a video of Chary getting a milk abhishekam by his enthusiactic fans got posted on his facebook page.

But here the question rises that whether it is altogether fine to honour someone with such a VIP treatment only for doing his job?

However this practice left the opponent party and many of the netizens offended. “This is a new low in politics. When pouring milk on statues itself is a ridiculous waste of resources, how can they do this? This is also against the spirit of democracy. The supposed upliftment of tribals by TRS is a false claim… the CAG report has exposed the poor utilisation of ST sub-plan funds“, stated Congress spokesperson Dasoju Sravan Kumar to The News Minute.

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