A mother does all she can to protect her child. She bears almost death-like pain to bring her child into this world. But what if we say something compelled a mother-to-be to jump to death? And you know what that ‘something’ is? Well, the most popular crime these days, Rape.

Hyderabad-Nagpur National Highway 44 at Ravelli village of Toopran block. A 35 Years old pregnant woman, Ude Kalavathi was traveling with her 7 Years old daughter Sirisha in a van after they missed the Govt run RTC bus. Kalavathi used to sell old clothes. She was returning to her village Potharajpalli from Kompalli on Saturday night. The driver of the van she had boarded asked her to pay the toll fee at Toorpan toll plaza.

A kilometer away, the driver and the cleaner tried to rape her. She fought, as said a little, shocked daughter Sirisha to the police. But gave up and jumped from the van ending her and her unborn child’s life.


Sirisha was forcibly pushed out of the vehicle soon after the mishap and the culprits got away. Villagers from nearby area reached out to the dead woman, suspected something fishy and informed the police. Police, later summoned Regonda, Kalavathi’s husband, and her other relatives.

Here is what police has to say- “The daughter was not in a position to tell exactly what had happened inside the vehicle. Going by the closed circuit footage images, she first threw her bag of clothes out before jumping from the vehicle. The driver appeared to have applied the break and then moved again,” Toopran circle inspector Lingeshwar Rao told the Hindustan Times.

“Unless we apprehend the driver and the cleaner, we cannot tell what had happened in the vehicle. Based on the complaint by her relatives, we booked a case of suspicious death. If it is proved that she was molested during the investigation, we will add other sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) as well,” He further adds.


Let’s note here that the two demons are roaming free (at the time the story is being published) on streets and as of now, are NOT behind bars. Here we remember, obviously the golden advice- a woman shouldn’t board a vehicle preoccupied with men. Probably, some new advice would soon be seen floating over media.

But nobody would share their rage on how could someone do so to a pregnant but a lady? How could humanity hit such low? And Justice… ah, you gotta be kidding! Rape is a normal thing, don’t you remember the school’s principal’s words of wisdom? We should be thankful nothing wrong happened to the little girl and move on after we’re done reading it. Isn’t it?

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