While there has been a lot of hue and cry in the matters of the fulfillment of promises by the government, to give it a break and relief to the society, Chimpula Sailaja Satyanarayana Reddy has shown hope which is strong enough and close enough to the fulfilment of her promise. Her promises included – drinking water facility and concrete road for people.

She has taken one remarkable step after putting a board of “For Sale” at her 100 square yards open plot adjoining the Hyderabad-Bijapur National Highway. This piece of land is expected to fetch Rs 35-40 lakh. Her idea is that, she was given 5 years to fulfil her promises made to the people, and even after 4 years of term completion if she is not able to fetch any amount from the government, she must take a big step for her people so that they believe in her words and that they should feel content about what they have stood up for.


She won in 2014 with a huge majority as a candidate of the ruling TRS party. She represents Chevella territorial constituency in Rangareddy Zilla Parishad.

“The electoral promises I made to people got stuck due to lack of funds. But I wanted my promises to be fulfilled. It has been four years now. I assured providing proper road facilities for farmers, concrete roads for people, and proper drinking water facility. Only one year is remaining for the completion of my term. There was no other option in front me other than selling the land,” Sailaja mentioned to a source.

After knocking the doors of authorities and filing writ petitions against the Telangana Government seeking disbursement of funds, her efforts went in vain and she along with her husband had to answer the society whenever they marked their presence in social events which led them to guilt that they couldn’t fulfil the promises after which it became a need to sell the property.


Last year, she approached the Hyderabad High Court, which directed the government to release Rs 532 crore to local bodies in the district towards their share in the Seigniorage fee collected from mining activities. She was expecting at least Rs 20 crore for her territorial constituency. However, the orders were not implemented.

Though there were many opposing her ideas, it was her husband who stood by her when she was planning to sell the land. We definitely need more public servants like her.

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