We are about to set our foot in 2018 and yet there is some orthodox mentality prevalent even today.

Hitting a new low in cultural mindset, the Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT), a part of the Endowments Department of Andhra Pradesh government passed circulars to all the temples of the state ordering them not to hold any new year festivities as they feel it is against the Hindu culture.

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“As per Hindu tradition, people should offer prayers and temples should organise festivities on Ugadi, which is New Year for Telugus across the world. This follows instructions from endowments commissioner YV Anuradha,” the circular said.

It also mentioned about funds splurge on floral decorations and events on New Year, which go against Hindu culture. The commissioner made it a point to implement the circular, ahead of the New Year-eve, sources told  TOI

The secretary of HDPT even told TOI that New Year is just a mere event in the English calendar. “However, Ugadi marks the onset of a new season and change in astrological positions. Temples should celebrate Ugadi and not English New Year,” he said.

He also claimed that the order was issued after they found temples splurging unnecessary money on new year celebrations.

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Seriously is that the reason he gave for banning the festivities? As if the temples don’t at all splurge on regular days also.

If people get peace of mind by performing rituals at temples in the new year and want to start their new year afresh then we at The Indian Feed do not find any logic in banning them.

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