Friday morning around 7:30 AM a 100 cars were seen on the Waghbil Naka-Airoli Bridge stretch with blinking tail and headlights as promised by the residents for the ‘No Road No Vote’ protest. The rally continued for more than an hour with commuters lined behind one another driving for approximately 17 kilometers.

With the appalling condition of the roads in Thane, residents spoke to The Mumbai Mirror how badly is it affecting their lives. An advertising consultant Sunil Acharya, 42, said “I have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter who I barely see during the week. On all my working days, most time away from work is spent commuting.” With no time left to spend with his family, he joined the rally to raise his voice regarding the issue.

“As soon as you step outside your house in the morning, you meet the potholes. We are fighting this battle every day,” said Roshan Gupta, 31, a digital marketer who works in Andheri.

With the terrible condition of the roads in Mumbai, a few months back a woman died in Tardeo after she landed up in a pothole. As per reports, potholes have killed 3,597 across India in 2017 while terror has killed 803. That counts to almost 10 deaths per day, a 50 percent rise from 2016, solely due to the irresponsible behavior of the authorities.

Thane Residents’ Foundation that has gathered more than 8000 signatures regarding the awful condition of the roads.

Kasber Augustine, the president of the Foundation said,  “Potholes have been killing us for a long time. We think it is time we declare the roads dead.” Several housing societies and school kids also joined the protest wherein they even declared the roads as dead after offering wreaths.

Additional municipal commissioner of TMC Sameer Unhale responding to the citizens’ outbursts said, “We are also citizens of this city and face the same crisis as everybody else. I don’t deny the problems. However, insinuating that the civic authorities are doing nothing is unfair.”

With BMC fixing the roads every year before monsoon and claiming it to be fit for use, heavy rains make things worse for the corporation and for the public as well.

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