We the women of India are used to being commented on roads. We lower our eyes, adjust poor dupatta and walk a little faster as if we heard nothing. Now that social media has become accessible to almost everyone, this ‘slut shaming for inappropriate attire‘ has taken over actresses and models too.

Say Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan, actress Malaika Arora, Taapsee Pannu. All have been subjected to wry remarks of Twitter/Instagram handle for what they were wearing didn’t fit into the ‘standards’ our society has decided for us.

But here is a bold group of dancers from ‘The BOM squad’ who didn’t keep calm and rather decided to let their moves speak of it aloud. The video starts with comments passed at them from time to time to objectify them and how it feels to bear them.

As the dance progresses, the beats say it all. Through their powerful dance, they tried to show how they have been sexually abused from time to time. Here, is the video.

However, the sad part was that even the girls got shamed for this video and people started passing vulgar comments clearly showing they haven’t learned anything.

Instead of feeling their pain and understanding their pain people were interested in something else, for them it was a dance meant to entertain them and aimed at ruining our “Sanskari Culture”.

Nobody in this world has got the right to decide what you should wear, except you. And this video is certainly an eye-opener to all those who think/act otherwise. Agree, ladies?

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