Last week, Atif aslam stopped in the middle of his concert to protect a girl from being harassed. With all the major publications covering the story the news broke on the internet like wild fire and Atif garnered a lot of praise from everyone all over the world . In case , you haven’t read it here is the story [Atif Aslam Story].

Unfortunately , no one got to know the other side of the coin. According to Daily Pakistan , the guy who was branded molester in this case, has now come up with his version of the incidence and seems to be the victim.

source : indian express

According to Daily Pakistan on condition of anonymity the boy who is a student of IBA , stated that he was one of the people assigned with the responsibility of managing security at the event.

Here is his version of story :
“My job was to ensure that nobody crosses over from the non-VIP section to the VIP section without a valid ticket. I saw two girls accompanied by a guy crossing over from the non-VIP section and forcing their way to the front row, like a lot of other people were also doing. There was a lot of rush in the front of the stage and these people were continuing to push through. I confronted these people and politely asked them to either show their VIP pass or go back to their own section, which they refused. That is when these girls started getting violent.
They started scratching at my neck and face with their long nails, they slapped me on the face, punched me and incited a whole mob against me.
It was exactly at this point when these girls were scratching at my face violently and the boy who accompanied them was punching my face and kicking me, Atif Aslam saw us.”

Instead of trying to understand the real story, Atif Aslam blamed me, the actual victim. Nobody listens to men in our society especially when a woman has said anything against him – it doesn’t matter true or false. When Atif Aslam said ‘rescue these girls,’ everyone thought I was molesting them and a huge mob started beating me up for no reason. I have never been beaten so badly in my entire life, and that too for just doing my job.”

“Those girls were not the victims, they were vicious, violent and rude. Because of them I have scars on my face and neck that will stay with me forever. I was traumatized and everyone has refused to listen to me or understand my side of the story.”

While he talked to Daily Pakistan his scars and cut marks were clearly visible.

Why this aspect of story was not shown earlier?
According to the university (IBA) policies, an investigation about the matter has already been started . The person quoted in the story above has already clarified his stance to university authorities, who did not decide to go public with the matter and have not given any public statement since.

Our View
We respect the step taken by a celeb like Atif who didn’t think twice before protecting the girl , but the crowd , the people they need to understand before reacting. The fact that the boy was one of the organizers [verified by Daily Pakistan] lends a lot of credibility to his story that must not be ignored.  Mob Justice is never a solution , Atif had never asked the mob to beat the boy , even if the guy was at fault instead of taking matter in their own hands people should have asked the security personnels to intervene .

While the probe is still going on , we will have to wait for the reports to verify this version of the story . But few things are clear from the incident , first “Don’t judge. Let everyone have their say.” , second ” Male are not always at fault , instead of judging them and increasing the gap between both the genders , we as a society need to be more practical and rational”.

h/t : Daily Pakistan 

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