The Indian Feed – OnCampus

Having bloomed in March 2015 The Indian Feed is currently India’s largest social storytelling platform. Today we’re a platform that airs socially relevant news, videos and stories with millions of minds that love to read us.

Unlike others, we’re a biased platform. We’re biased towards the good, the large ‘good’. Not politics, not religion- we only segregate the good from the bad. With more than just entertainment to offer to our readers, we’ve been widely accepted, appreciated and loved.

We don’t step back from sharing the relevant and influencing news pieces that often go unnoticed by mainstream media over these platforms as well. We present before our readers every fact, every information, every aspect of the news and challenge them to think and analyze. Then, their opinion is always a welcome to us! Instead of sharing that cliched NEWS, we always look for what can help to make our readers aware and vigilant.

Majority of our followers are millennials and now that they’re the present and the future simultaneously, we always try to improve so we can match their enthusiasm and energy. Happily, we say, that the youth equally love us back.

We’ve been social media partners to a lot of premier institutes of India. We’ve created on ground impact with them, conducted online contests for them and what not. Not to miss here, we’ve partnered with Indian Film Project, IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai, XUB, XIMB Bhubaneswar, NIT Trichy and are willing to partner with more institutes in future. Because what’s better than sharing your goodness with like-minded people?

The Indian Feed OnCampus is an effort to amplify and spread the social goodness and our on-ground efforts together. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the events where The Indian Feed along with its partners created an on-ground and online impact.

We really appreciate talent, new ideas and love to offer opportunities. So, we shall keep showing up in much more events and fests in the future. With us, you get a chance to reach out to an audience that loves to read about social initiatives and appreciates it too.

Want to collaborate with us for a potential campus partnership? Drop us a hello at and we will get back to you!