In our society , whenever something goes wrong in a marriage it is often taught to women that they need to compromise with their husband. Also, for our “Sanskari” families the concept of marital rape doesn’t exist. Due to our social customs and values rape that happens within the four walls by husbands is not even considered a rape.

Simar Singh, in his poem speaks about something that is often felt but not said, something that is often screamed but not heard. Marital Rape.

In this hard-hitting slam poem dealing with sensitive issue of marital rape poet makes a very valid point, whether it’s a cup of morning bed Tea or a night of rough Sex, women is bound to answer the calls of her husband, because every thing is fair in Love and Your Husband Loves You.

The poet ends the poem with a valid point , “As society says, if marital rape isn’t an actual thing and being a housewife is a job. Then, isn’t this harassment at the workplace?”

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