Remember the ‘witch child’ whose picture went viral last year in January 2016. He was left to die by his parents but was thankfully discovered by a Danish Aid worker when she went on a rescue mission on the streets of Nigeria.

The painful moment was captured in a photograph in which she tilts a water bottle toward the frail little boy’s lips. The photograph drew attention from all over the world. Now, a year later the same kid is starting school after a full recovery, and the good guys have recreated the photo which perfectly captures the beauty of the moment

Anja Ringgren Lovén works for an organisation called DINNødhjælp (‘your relief’) which found the abandoned boy, appropriately named Hope. They rescue children labeled as ‘witches’, who are often tortured and killed by their own parents. Some religious leaders in Nigeria accuse children of witchcraft in hopes of charging parents for supposed exorcism services, an epidemic Anja and her team combat by sheltering affected children.

Here is the journey of ‘Hope’ beautifully captured in a series of pictures:

He lives with other children who have been declared as ‘Witch’ by the society

Getting a new haircut 

This is his first day of school, exactly one year after he was rescued by Anja Ringgren Lovén

Look at that smile, how could people declare a child with so much innocence an evil? 

h/t: Boredpanda all images: Boredpanda


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