Remember the Tinder murder case, where a 33 YO from Jaipur, Dushyant Kumar was abducted and murdered by his Tinder date Priya Seth? If not, let us recapitulate it for you briefly. Dushyant, who was already married and a father too faked himself to be a rich Delhi based businessman Vivan Kohli on tinder. His profile attracted Priya Seth’s attention whose only profession is to earn easy money in the worst possible ways.

To be mentioned here essentially, Priya, by then had already been booked by police once for having blackmailed a man and allegedly threatening him to file a false rape case against him if he didn’t pay her the desirable amount of money. She too used to run a fake escort service wherein she took money from customers but never provided them call girls. And in the video, she calls this as SAMAJ SEVA (social service).


However, taking her addiction to commit crimes of different varieties a step forward, Priya abducted Dushyant when they were on a date and murdered him with her allies Dikshant (who’s another victim of her Tinder fraud) and Lakhsya. The trio who were under the effect of Cocaine killed him, chopped his body into pieces, put it inside a suitcase and disposed the suitcase in Amer, near Jaipur on May 3. All this before receiving the ransom amount she had asked Dushyant’s father for.

However, Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj, who works for men’s rights, has now made a documentary to raise awareness among people and uploaded it on her YouTube channel. Watch the full video here and listen the killer describe the hatching of the murder plan herself. It also shows how the system and laws are so biased towards women that they can easily get off after committing heinous crimes.

Scary? Well, yes. That’s where tinder dates and online friendships lead to when gone wrong. Summing up what this 11 minutes and 44 seconds long video speaks of-

1) Unlike Dushyant, faking your identity on tinder is definitely not a smart move.

2) It’s wiser to keep your friends and family updated about your plans and whereabouts always and especially when you are going to meet your internet friends for the first time.

3) A lady isn’t always the innocent victim nor is a man always the culprit. Yes, atrocities against women are at their peak and strict laws against them his mandatory to safeguard women rights. But every feminist needs to realize that their misuse is not just a threat to men but to the entire society.

4) Surrendering to blackmailers won’t help you in any way. Better seek police help.

Don’t you feel like congratulating Deepika for this great job of hers? We too! But YouTube had a different opinion and they decided to delete Deepika’s channel for reasons yet unknown.

Maybe that’s what the world rewards rebels with!

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