On November 26, 2008, Mumbai witnessed one of the worst terrorist attacks in the nation’s history. 10 terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorized the city for over 4 days killing up to 166 people and gravely wounding at least 300.
These days also witnessed some of the extraordinary acts of bravery by not only countrymen but also from our pawsome friends. This is the story of unsung heroes – Max, Ceaser, Tiger, and Sultan.
These sniffers heroes saved countless lives while sniffing out bombs during the Mumbai terror attack.
Meet Max 
During 26/11, Max saved countless lives by detecting 8 kg of RDX, 25 grenades, 29 detonators, ball bearings and other shrapnel at TAJ’s reception.
He was awarded a gold medal for his bravery during the Mumbai attacks
During the Mumbai terror attack, he saved several lives by sniffing out two hand grenades at the CSMT railway station and 8 kg of RDX from the Taj Hotel area.
Tiger helped Mumbai Police in detecting bombs during the attacks.
After the attacks, he was on duty for several days outside the Taj Mahal hotel in Colaba.
Sultan and Tiger were childhood friends and worked for the Goregaon Unit of the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS).
Sultan also helped in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks investigations.
The four were best buddies and inseparable and spent their retirement days together after being adopted by Fizzah Shah. After Max’s demise, the remaining three refused to leave Max’s grave. After losing Max the remaining 3 went into depression and in a span of six months, they also died.
All of them have been cremated next to each other following dignified state funerals.
Like other Bravehearts, these ‘Good Bois’ also saved a lot of lives during the mayhem
The nation will always be grateful to you heroes!
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