One of the great tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion.” – Arthur C. Clarke

As people are fighting over religion and faith every day, the statement makes sense in today’s world more than ever. We came across two news today which show how people are getting blinded by faith and religion to such an extent that they are ready to harm themselves and others for the sake of pleasing their God.

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In the first shocking incident that took place in Mumbai, a minor girl was strangulated to death by her aunt for not offering namaz during Friday prayers, NDTV reported.

According to the report, three people have been arrested in relation to the murder. According to the cops, following the death of her mother the victim started living with her aunt as her father was struggling to meet ends.

The girl had been asked by her family members to compulsorily offer Namaz every Friday. But last Friday she disobeyed her relatives and in a fit of rage, the aunt strangulated her with a dupatta which led to her death.


To hide the crime the relatives then told doctors that the girl died after slipping in the bathroom. However, the doctors found marks on the neck of the victim and reported the incident to the cops. After the relatives were interrogated, the girl’s aunts confessed to her crime, police said.

The father is in a state of shock after hearing the news and regrets leaving her in the care of her relatives. “Why did they murder her? I am her father. If she was not offering namaz they could have complained to me.”, he said to NDTV

In yet another incident of blind faith a 45 years old woman from MP village chopped off her tongue to offer it to deity. The woman Guddi Tomar who is a devotee of Goddess Durga suddenly cut her tongue on Wednesday and offered it at the Bijasen Mata temple in Tarsama village, following which she fell unconscious, Porsa police station in-charge Atul Singh said to Hindustan Times.

The woman was then rushed to the hospital by the villagers and is currently undergoing treatment.

The two incidents from different religions show how people are so blindfolded by their faith that they think killing someone or harming themselves will please their God. No God will get happy seeing the blood of their children! We hope better sense prevails!

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