My parents won’t let me go to Delhi and study/work/stay there.“- A statement a lot of us, girls, would relate to. If you also have overprotective parents, it’s highly unlikely that they would send you to the capital city of the nation as it is very “UNSAFE”. A lot of us have compromised on our dreams of studying/working in Delhi because of the kind of reputation that the city has built for itself.

However, this Facebook post has emerged as a reminder that humanity is not lost yet and there are people, even in Delhi, who care about others, especially women and their safety. Neha Das shared her wonderful experience on Facebook, where she was waiting for an auto-rickshaw outside her office at about 12 am and what further happened will make your day.


The post by Neha Das read “Yesterday was just another day in office. Finished work just in time to leave a little before 12 am. Delhi winters are here, the streets are mostly empty. While I waited for an auto outside the office, this gentleman stopped. On asking the fare, he said ‘Madam mein khuch nehi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pauchana zyada zaroori hein.”

“He told me not to pay anything, getting me home safely was his priority. Tried giving some extra money which he obviously didn’t take! Reached home and asked if I could take a pic, he gave me a warm smile. Thank God for such nice, genuine people. His name is Praveen Ranjan and I’m so glad to have met him!”


This post went viral and Praveen has become a hero for a lot of us. There are a lot of people in the world who can afford to have a golden heart but very few do. Praveen’s care and concern for women is appreciated by a lot of Facebook users.

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