When did you last blame your parents for not having fulfilled some of your demands? Well, that’s an everyday scenario for many of us. We don’t question the relevance of our own demands and blatantly impose them on our parents without realizing the economic troubles they’re facing on our behalf. Here is a story of one such father who has spent all his life working hard to bring his children in the best possible way. And he also shares with the Humans Of Bombay how much his children’s success make him content and proud.


“My father was a farmer–we could barely make ends meet. When I was 18 years old, the lake in our village dried up, there was severe drought and we were on the verge of starvation. That’s when I came to Bombay to make at least some money and feed my family. I got a job at a post office and began sending money home. I worked at that post office all my life. I retired a few years ago but then took up a job as a watchman here because 2 of my children are still studying and my biggest fear is that they won’t be educated well.

Recently, my son was awarded in college for receiving 100 marks in both Science and Maths– they even called me on stage to congratulate me! I was so proud, I couldn’t hold back the tears.


After the ceremony, all his friend’s parents took all the children out for a meal in a restaurant–I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t ever give him that kind of life–our every penny goes into fees and books. We ate a simple meal at home that night, all of us together. I think he realised what I was feeling, so after dinner, he hugged me and said ‘thank you baba’ and all my worries just melted–I felt like I was doing something right.”

All parents have their stories of struggles that they fight for their children. And this one is heart touching! Nothing can stop one from accomplishing one’s parents’ dreams, not even an inferior lifestyle as compared to their mates. His children have proven the fact.

We wish the kids all the very best for their future. May they bring their parents a lot more such moments of pride and happiness.

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