I wonder at times, if girls finish their engineering in 1 year! No???
Then why are they expected to quit their job, which they have earned with equal labour as a guy and serve home??
She can’t even say NO to the people expecting her to kill her dreams, ambitions and confidence since they are her own parents.
If you think I am talking stereotype of 19th century, please grab all your patience to read the true story below.

It will paint the picture of a smart, independent, modern girl, who still craves to hear from her parents,”Beta! Tu koi paraayi amanat nahi, humare budhape ka sahara hai”

This guy shared a heartbreaking real life story of the life of her friend was ruined due to marriage under parental pressure . Keeping in mind the old age of her parents she chose to compromise with her career and married to a man who later started harassing her physically and verbally.

Read the heart-breaking story here :

Hope our parents start understanding that marriage at a particular age is not a solution to every problem! Career comes first !

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