Nine months back in March this year, when Tapeshwar Singh started an extensive search for his missing wife Babita , no one was sure that he could really find his wife. As it was an attempt to find a needle in a haystack. But destiny had already decided to reward the man for his long and extensive search.

An upset man on a rickety bicycle with banners of the woman he loved hoisted on small sticks at two ends of his cycle, the 40-year-old got both sympathy and derision, but little else.


Singh, a migrant like many others from Bihar, had settled in Meerut where he got odds jobs for his survival. Life of a common man never remains smooth but one day the unthinkable happened when Babita disappeared without a trace.

Some of his acquaintances informed him that a notorious pimp of Meerut, finding Babita wandering one day, had taken her to a red light area to be sold. Singh then visited all such districts in the region, talking to one brothel owner after another. He found that the pimp had indeed brought Babita to be trafficked but seeing her mental condition the deal had not materialized. An FIR was eventually filed and cops promised to help him, setting up teams to look for Babita. But nothing came of it.

It was not an easy hunt for a daily wage earner. He used to carry an extensive search for hours and hours without food and no money in his pocket.In all this, one thing that Singh clung on to was hope, and the faith he had in his love for Babita.

On Sunday, that ray of hope was seen for which Singh was searching desperately for months. When a man at Brajghat contacted him and said he thought he saw Babita begging in Haldwani.

After hearing this incredible news, he immediately set out for Uttarakhand. He searched for her the entire day in Haldwani, but with little success. Quite late in the evening as he was wondering what to do next, He spotted her sitting alone by the wayside in Haldwani. For a moment he was shocked to find the one without whom he cannot think of a life. And this is how a long and extensive search of a devoted husband came to a fruitful end.

In an era where people deny the existence of pure love and perfect soulmate, Mr. Singh is a living example.

The Indian Feed appreciates the dedication and love Mr. Singh has shown for finding his wife.


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