In an environment where religious sentiments are becoming a reason for killing and hatred, Kerala is showing an exemplary gesture of communal harmony to the whole country.

The Shree Narasimhamoorthy Temple in Malappuram, Kerala organized an Iftaar party for Muslims breaking their fast in the holy month of Ramzan.The Iftaar party was thrown as part of restoration rituals that is being held between May 29 and July 4.

Nearly 400 Muslims participated in the Iftar party along with 100 people belonging to other communities.


Ramadan is the month to strengthen the bond between the communities. We were all pleased to take part in the function,” NewIndianExpress reports quoteing Mammu Master Kadampuzha, former panchayat president, who was selected by the Temple committee as chairman of its Iftar committee.

The Muslim community in the area had contributed more than half the expenses for the restoration of the temple which was in ruin at an estimated cost of around Rs 20 lakh. Nearly 300 Muslim families have funded the restoration of the temple.

So, when it came for Punar Prathishta (restoration of the idol) festival, the temple was planning a mass banquet but later changed its plan and decided to host an iftar party.The dishes were purely vegetarian including the traditional Kerala meal, sadhya.


“We have grown up in an atmosphere of religious harmony. What matters for us is humanity, not religion. Everybody has the right to follow their religion or caste, but it does not mean that we should not be friendly to people of other religions. We should not close our heart from welcoming people of other religions,” The News Minute quoted PT Mohanan(Temple Committee Secretary) as saying.

The Indian Feed admires the spirit of the Malappuram citizens who are spreading a message of harmony and compassion to those who are getting blinded by the venom of hardcore nationalism and are ready to take on their neighbors in the name of religion, caste, and origin.

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