Christmas is around and you know, we simply can’t keep calm! Decor ideas, costumes, guests, friends, gifts, dishes. Everything on the list ticked long ago. But, isn’t it the festival of ‘giving’ and spreading joy? Well well.. we know you’re waiting for Santa to arrive with your gift and slid it into your stockings. But how about being a Santa ourselves?

A man in Northwest Pennsylvania has set up a new tradition and his neighbors love to follow it. He sets a Christmas tree outside his house and decorates it with bags of new shoes, clothes, personal hygiene items and other things of need that not everyone can afford. The needy ones are invited to help themselves with what they need and never, till date things have been stolen.


He approaches his neighbors to contribute and they’re more than happy doing so! One of his neighbors shared his story on Reddit and we’re absolutely loving it. He came up with this ‘cool’ idea after he saw people shivering in cold outdoors. And today, undoubtedly he’s touching their lives in a most tender way! He restores our childhood faith that Santa exists, in people who find fun in making others happy.


Ain’t you inspired to do some good after reading this? Look around and you too shall find a way to play Santa to someone in need.

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