India has a peculiar scenario when it comes to the education system. In a population close to 1.3 billion, there is no lack of talented youths but not all get opportunities to fully explore their potentials. Many fail to pursue their dream courses. Many drops out of college. Many join jobs quitting their career in desperate need of an earning source.

And things are always tougher for girls. And maybe that’s why girls are way stronger. Here is a story of a young Mumbai girl who has fought every odd to earn her degree. Efforts, hard work, struggle, determination and lastly, success.

Read her entire story as she describes to ‘Humans of Bombay‘:

“While I was still in college, my family was going through financial difficulties. My father suggested that I get a job — girls from my background often give up their education to start working, but one thing I was sure of was that I would get a degree, come what may.



I began to participate in any competition that offered prize money — from dance to theatre, I did it all. Then I began to apply for part-time jobs — I faced countless rejections because I hadn’t even graduated yet. But I couldn’t give up — if I had to continue my education, I needed to find a solution.

Finally, I got an interview with Brand Factory. I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror before leaving and just poured my heart out to the employer. I promised her that while I would continue studying, I would give my 100% at work — she immediately agreed! Then began my routine — work shifts, college, homework, helping out at home and then work again — my days were sometimes 15 hours, but I had so much fire in me that I could have worked all 24!

My parents were worried about my health…they told me to give up college and just focus on work because I was doing so well. But I made them understand — all the women in my family gave up studying to work at some point, but where did that lead them? They took up odd jobs, got married and started families…but a woman doesn’t have to choose — she could do both, and I was determined to prove that.


The day I had my HR degree in my hand, I felt like I had finally broken the cycle — I was a graduate and got promoted to assistant HR manager! When I went home and gave my degree to my father, I’ll never forget what he said to me – ‘People always pray for a son, but today you’ve shown that a daughter can quietly answer all your prayers.’”

To those whose parents are capable and more than willing to pay their fees, education is a burden, something that stops them from enjoying life. And some like this brave daughter spend their youth to get a degree. We do feel sorry for life is so unfair to some. And we are equally happy for we have such living inspirations among us! Way to go, girl!

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