“Booked an auto today from my hospital to station and the guy turned out to be a Muslim. He called and asked whether I wanted to go to the station only? I said, yes. He told that it was a bit risky as there was a lot of checking going on. I told him I have to go and catch my train. He agreed.

During the ride, I saw he was a bit nervous and driving very cautiously so I casually asked him what the matter was. He said he was worried about the security because of the SC judgement. I asked him his viewpoint.
The guy gave a moving answer,
“Sahab itne mandir aur masjid hai Iss desh me. Kisi ka ek kam(less) ho gaya to Kya badi baat hai. Sab Log ek sath Achhe se rahe to Ram bhi khush aur Allah Bhi khush!”

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I sometimes wonder if need religion at all. More than faith, it’s foundations are today built on fear and unfortunately, some crooks use it and have been using it for personal glory and inciting violence amongst communities..
Let us today all stand in solidarity and respect the judgement pronounced by the Supreme Court of India.
Let us today show the world the virtues of humility, tolerance, compassion and peace are our creation..
Let us today not just build temples and mosques but build harmony amongst the communities.
We owe this much to the great land of Bharat!! “

Source: Devashish Palkar

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