Social media has always worked as a double edged sword for our generation, off late it has also been used for spreading rumours and fake news leading to mob violence. However, from time to time such stories also keep surfacing where social media has acted as a platform for people to come together for a humanitarian cause, whether it be Mumbai rains or the recent incident where a retired soldier was reunited with his family after 40 years.

Here is one more such incident which reaffirms our faith in using this platform for spreading positivity. A Facebook page called “Humans Of Chandigarh” which tells the stories of people in HONY style, recently shared a post featuring an old man and a survivor of 1984 anti Sikh riots.

The story narrates how he lost everything in the riots and shifted to Dehradun for starting a new inning of his life. However, things were never the same again, he had to do odd jobs for supporting her family. Then one day he decided to make and sell electric lamps and since that day he has been doing it daily. However, things have changed now, he is growing old and the demand for his lamps is falling.


But the old man still travels on foot to every home for selling his lamps. Here’s the full story which captures the raw emotions of the man

I used to run an electronic shop in Delhi. Life was going fine there, I had bought a new LML scooter, and those days owning a scooter was like owning a car. Then came the year of 1984, nothing was same after it. I was so scared to go out of my home, I was scared to death! I had no control over the situation… and I didn’t understand what to do. More than myself, my biggest concern was my family.

Dehradun / Source

We left Delhi overnight, and everything I owned was left behind. I had to start a new life, and it was extremely difficult as I literally had nothing. My shop, scooter, house…everything was gone. I shifted to Dehradun with my family and started building a new life. I tried odd jobs, but the times were tough. One day I decided to make lamps, and start selling them all around Punjab. It’s been more than 20 years…

I have been making these lamps for a living. I must have seen every corner of Punjab as I have travelled door to door with these lamps. Now, I’m getting old, and people are not buying lamps like they used too… but I’m waiting till next year as my daughter will complete her Btech. She has been my force of inspiration in all these years. Because of her, I was able to restart my life. She gave me a reason to move on from my fears. I wanted to provide every necessity thing to her… I hope these lamps have served their purpose in her life.

The story touched the nerves of the people and soon went viral, following which Vishal, the owner of the platform left the old man’s number with an appeal to readers for visiting the ‘lamp wale babaji’ instead of calling him to their homes. 

People were kind enough, and the next day Vishal shared an update about how the ‘lamp wale babaji’ sold all his lamps even before he stepped out of his home. The sweet old man was contacted by a company who bought all his lamps, also he is receiving a lot of orders on phone.


The incident really shows how instead of spreading rumours and fake news, social media can be used as a platform for spreading positivity and goodness!

You can follow Humans Of Chandigarh here

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