A temple in Padane village located at Kerala-Karnataka border recently demolished its compound-wall to make some space for Muslim community meeting.

The Muslim Organisation Jamaat-e-Islaami was planning the meeting for 18th and 19th February at a ground in the village , but the ground wasn’t large enough for the village. A group then approached the temple committee which runs the temple located adjacent to the ground.

Basheer Shivapuram, the local secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami told “The News Minute”, “We gave a written letter to the committee, and they readily agreed to demolish the compound wall.”

source : TNM

“Though the function was only two days long, we used their compound for almost one week, which was right in front of the temple. This shows our brotherhood and love between the communities,” he added.

Basheer told that the main stage where the event took place was just in front of the temple , also the book stalls and exhibition ground were situated in the temple compound.

The Secretary of the temple committee tod TNM, “When they requested both the temple community and hindu community agreed without having a second thought.
We find this as a ritual to maintain religious harmony in our village.”

Source : TNM

“Temple committee is happy that they were a part of the event, and said that they were willing to extend any help to other religious communities in future too.”, he added.

The Indian Feed salutes the amazing gesture shown by the temple committee and the people of Padane village. The temple not only demolished the compound’s wall , it also broke the religious barriers between both the communities and has set an example for the whole country to follow.

Source : TheNewsMinute

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