The mass molestation that took place in Bengaluru on new year eve has sent shock waves across the entire nation . While people are still angry about the incident , statements by some of the government officials and politicians has made the situation worse .

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is equally angry and took to twitter to talk about the status of women’s safety in India. He has also slammed the leaders and people who are trying to blame the victims for the incident. In a video he has summed up everything that a woman would have wanted to say.

The Bangalore incident makes me feel we r evolving backwards,from humans to animals,rather beasts coz even animals are better! Truly shameful

When influencers like Akshay Kumar use social media to share their message it makes a lot of difference . We hope this video will talk some sense into people who are blaming victims and their dressing style for the molestation.

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