The streets of Sidhapudur near Gandhipuram in Coimbatore were flooded with people on Sunday morning, as thousands gathered to pay their respects and to take part in the last rites of Dr. Balasubramaniam popularly known as the “20-rupees doctor” who passed away from a cardiac arrest on Friday. He was not less than God for thousands of poor, as he used to charge only Rs 20 from his patients.

source : thenewsminute | covai  post

Dr. Balasubramaniam used to run a clinic in the Sidhapudur area of the city, which he had started after retiring from Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). Initially, he charged his patients just Rs 2, an amount which was revised over the years. Two years ago, his consultation charge was upgraded from Rs 10 to Rs 20. He even provided his patients with injections and tablets without charging anything extra.

source : thenewsminute
source : thenewsminute

Visited by an overwhelming 150-200 patients on a daily basis, Dr. Balasubramaniam treated general ailments and recommended them to other doctors in the city who would treat them at an affordable cost.

In an interview with Covai Post last year, he said,

“God has given me sufficient money to take care of myself. I am only helping the sick and the weak in their recovery, and let God do the rest of the work”

Bhupathy, a patient of Balasubramaniam for 10 years was unable to digest the news about the doctor’s demise rushed to the clinic hoping that it was only a rumor.

He recalled,” Maximum I would have paid for treatment to him is Rs 50 of which Rs 30 would have been for medicine. There is no such doctor like him. He is a God to many”.

The Indian Feed mourns the demise of an epitome of kindness and a great doctor and offers condolences to the family, and all the people whose lives he touched.

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