Lucknow: Locals in a village in UP brutally killed a tigress in Kishanpur sanctuary of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve after she attacked a citizen, who couldn’t survive. The villagers were burning with rage after they heard about the death of a villager named Devanand caused due to an attack by the tigress. They took the matter in their own hands and entered the forest area illegally, killed the tigress by crushing her under a tractor.

Source: Planet Custodian

Deputy director of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve said the villagers killed the tigress in a retaliatory attack

According to UP forest department officials, the villagers marched up to the protected area of the Dudhwa park, allegedly beat up the forest guard, then snatched a tractor and ran over the tigress.

Mahavir Kaujlagi, deputy director of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, said the villagers killed the tigress in a retaliatory attack. “While we were busy in rushing the injured man to the hospital, the villagers surrounded the big cat and crushed it to death under a tractor,” he said. Fifty-year-old Devanand, who the villagers said was attacked by the tigress on Sunday morning, later succumbed to his injuries

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According to sources, the carcass of the tigress has been located and serious actions, including an F.I.R being lodged, against the villagers who were involved in the killing of the tigress will be taken.

This incident took place just two days after the tigress Avni was hunted down and shot dead in Maharashtra on being suspected of attacking and killing 13 people.

Protest for saving Avni

As tigers continue to lose their habitat and prey species, they are increasingly coming into conflict with humans as they attack domestic animals – and sometimes people. In retaliation, tigers are often killed by angry villagers,” says WWF.

Animal rights activists are organizing protests against the intrusion of humans in the habitat of wild animals and claiming that this could be a cause of the man-animal conflict, which is on a rise.

In order to save the tigers, there is a dire need to understand that humans need to respect their habitat, especially when there are only 3,900 of them left. With each of them being killed by us, we are getting closer to the day when the national animal of the country will be extinct.

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