For a long time, India and most of the other countries in the world have often recognized the gender as a binary thing, for us either a person can be male or female, in case he/she belongs to the transgender umbrella it used to make us uncomfortable. However, in recent few years, people have started accepting the third gender as well.

Recently, Kochi Metro gave a strong message against social stigmas surrounding transgenders by hiring 23 people of the transgender community.People appreciated the move and social media was full of praises for the Kochi Metro.However, on the ground level, the reality was a little bitter as compared to social media, as soon as the identities of the transgenders were revealed they started to face social stigmas within their society and were asked to vacate their homes.

However, Kochi Metro has decided to arrange for their stay and they have decided to continue their jobs. Nonetheless, it’s good to see that the government is at least making efforts to include them in the mainstream.It’s time that instead of feeling uncomfortable with their presence we start accepting them in our society.

Recently, a Bangladeshi telecom company conducted a social experiment to check people’s tolerance and acceptance towards transgenders and the results were surprising. 

In the video two transgenders can be seen taking seats in a restaurant to have their Iftaar meal, while the waiter asks them to leave citing vague reasons, some other guys also join him and asks the duo to leave as they wanted to “enjoy their meal” but the duo’s presence was making them uncomfortable.

However, after a few seconds, some good Samaritans come to their rescue and ask them to take their seat and have their meal. It’s refreshing to see people standing for their rights and showing gesture full of acceptance and compassion.

Here is the full video posted by Robi Axiata Limited.

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