Boarding the buses with the fear of getting molested or harassed in any ways won’t be felt any longer with deep intensity. Thanks to the motor vehicle department that they have finally resolved the issue of insecurity and safety by making it mandatory for all the taxis and the buses to get the ‘Panic Buttons’ installed.

The panic buttons will be installed in front of the passenger’s seat for easy access. These buttons will be GPS Enabled, through which the bus location can be tracked all the time to avoid the distress of the passenger, the transport department will be put to alert as the message would be received immediately and the quickest step will be taken. In the case of emergency, a quick response would be enabled.


The amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, aimed at making such vehicles safe for women, were notified by the Union road transport and highways ministry on November 28. These will be installed in the existing vehicles and those which are yet to come on the road.

The work of a ‘master control-room’ to implement the programme is already completed, Joint Transport Commissioner Rajeev Puthalath said to the Financial Express. “The master control room will function at the Transport Commissionerate here. The mini control rooms will function at regional transport offices,” the official added.

Vehicles that don’t require a permit under the Motor Vehicle Act like three-wheeler autos and other e-rikshaws are barred. Though, earlier this year in May, a notice was passed asking for the installation of the CCTV cameras which in turn can increase the security however it was refused to justify that it will hamper the personal space of the passenger.


The whole concept came into existence after the 23-year-old got raped in a bus and succumbed to death after fighting the injuries over a week. After it, a number of Women Personnel were appointed and in the safety of the passengers, the installation of CCTV cameras was installed at just a few places.

“From 1st April 2018, passenger transport vehicles including taxis and buses are to be mandatorily equipped with GPS devices,” the ministry said on Wednesday. 

We hope that the purpose is solved using the buttons and they can be used effectively in the time of need. We also hope that the passengers don’t take it casually and take care in such situations.

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