The aftershock of an incident as horrifying as rape is noxious as well. Not only the victims suffer a terrible trauma but it causes a suffering for their family members too, due to the stigma associated with it in our society.

Recently such an incident came to notice. Uncle of a 20-year-old visually impaired rape survivor was found dead in a shanty in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh. The 45-year-old man’s body was found hanging from a high branch of a tree outside their house.


The family of the dead man included his 20-year-old blind niece and her 55-year-old mother. He, a cycle rickshaw driver by profession, was the sole earner of the family. After her niece got allegedly raped two weeks ago, he was suffering from a trauma. “Every night, my uncle would drink and cry about what had happened to me,” said the survivor to the Hindustan Times.

Her mother stated, “He was the one running to the police station each time. He wanted all the men involved in the rape to be punished,” said her mother.


Though the police were in ambivalence regarding the reason for the suicide, the niece of the dead man said that her uncle used to get drunk every night and retort about the unfaithful incident that happened to her. Just as any other day, on Wednesday he had his dinner and usual round of drink before going to sleep. “When I walked out of home at 5 am, I found him hanging from a high branch of a tree. We depended on him for everything. He was the only person in our family who could make calls. My daughter and I can’t even dial 100, we can only receive calls,” said the mother of the survivor.


On 4th May the lady was dragged in a shanty in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh and was brutally raped, while her mother went to fetch water and her uncle had also gone to work. As the survivor said, she was dragged inside by a local e-rickshaw driver and was raped by 2 or 3 men within 20 minutes. The police said that only one man, identified as Chotu Pal, raped her. The other two men were standing guard outside of the shanty.

On Thursday the survivor said that she wants to close the rape case and return to her village in Uttar Pradesh as there is no one else left to fight the legal battle on her behalf. The incident is as heart-wrenching as it can, a visually impaired girl is raped by some monsters, a financially challenged uncle tries to fight as much as he can but then loses all hopes and decides to end his life. No country for poor and women?

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