Tushar Mehrotra is like any other typical teenager of his age, immersed in books and anticipating their board exams.However, for the students and staff of Sector 54’s Government Primary School, Tushar is no ordinary kid. As Reported By TOI, a Class X student of Pathway school Tushar has single-handedly helped reform a rundown government school.

The 15-year old has adopted the school with over 300 kids.What started off as a social responsibility school project soon turned into a full fledged mission.Tushar chose to donate books and set up a library in the government school, which is in his neighbourhood.

“Initially, it was supposed to be for my school project. I just wanted to donate books, set up a library and leave. But once I entered the school and saw the condition, I was compelled to do more,” said Tushar to the Times Of India.


His parents told that the decision to take up this project was completely Tushar’s, they just supported him. His mother Ritu says, “He was so overwhelmed after his first visit to the school that he said he had to do something. Later that day, he told me ‘I am so privileged to have everything that these kids fight for’. That encouraged him to change things” .

Tushar used crowdfunding to raise money for the school and even made donations from his saved pocket money.Seeing the students study without fans in summer, the first thing Tushar did was to install fans in the classrooms. Apart from that he has also started English and Moral Science classes for the students. Tushar mostly spends his weekends interacting with these kids and educating them.


Applauding Tushar the school authorithies say that the kids love his presence and their zeal to learn has only grown with time. Balvinder Singh, the school in-charge, told TOI, “What Tushar is doing is commendable. It’s not just about money or the things he is bringing, but also the attention he gives the kids. Since he started coming here, the kids’ interest in studies – and particularly English – has grown. They want to learn more. I wish more people followed Tushar’s example.”

And Tushar is far from done. He recently bought 600 notebooks for the students and is now gearing up to gift the school a new water purifier and winter uniforms for all students.

Tushar feels he has majorly impacted the attitude of students.He told TOI “When I first started my activity classes here, I asked the kids what they wanted to learn and almost all of them said, English. They wanted to learn but were scared of the subject as they didn’t know how to go about it.”Today, if you ask any of the 300 students in the school what their favourite subject is, the reply is a loud “English!”.

 While most of us sit whining and wonder about what we alone can do for the society, Tushar is a lesson for all of us.Way to go Tushar!

You can get in touch with Tushar at tushar.mehrotra27@gmail.com

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