In India, 70% of diseases involving reproductive health present poor menstrual hygiene as the root cause. Not just this, but in some cases, these may lead to complications in pregnancy and even maternal mortality. As per a health survey, 58% of women aged between 15-24 years use locally prepared sanitary napkins, and around only 48% of women in rural areas have access to them.

From Government to Bollywood, every sector is contributing in its own way to raise awareness regarding menstrual hygiene. Meanwhile, a Twitter user shared her experience of discussing menstrual health with her house help. And in a series of tweets, she clearly explains what prevents women of lower socio-economic groups from using sanitary napkins.

Not to be missed here, using untidy objects like dirty clothes, sand or sawdust have reportedly led to STSS (Staphylococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome) and claimed lives of many women.

Sanitary napkins being provided free of cost at certain places isn’t a myth but that not every woman accesses the facility is equally true. Setting sanitary napkins vending machines at the railway station is a great initiative but still, many sections of women remain untouched. Obviously, realizing that pads are the basic necessity and not any luxury like cosmetics, hence freeing pads from GST will be a welcome initiative.

The best part of this tweet series is appeal the lady has made to upper-class women to help their domestic helps with sanitary napkins monthly. The expenditure will be equal to that of a pack of sweets but as women, we must realize that it can prove to be a life-saving measure!

She did her bit, people. Time for us to do ours.

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