In a thrilling turn of events, two teens from Goyla Dairy village in southwest Delhi’s Dwarka saved the lives of 194 onboard passengers of GoAir flight.

While 17-year-old Rohit Singh and his cousin Nitin were on their terrace they spotted smoke coming out of the tail of a GoAir flight which was on its way to Bengaluru.

Being in shock and unable to understand what was going on he approached his father, the family then immediately informed Delhi Police about the fire.The Delhi Police was quick enough to verify the matter and inform the concerned authorities at the airport. The call was made to the Police at 7.40 PM and the Flight made its emergency landing at 7.47 PM. All these things happened just in 7 minutes.

Sources told the Indian Express, “After receiving the call from Delhi Police, CISF security personnel immediately conveyed the message to Airport Operations Control Centre and to the Air Traffic Control. Within minutes, the GoAir flight, which took off at 7.28 pm from the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport, was identified.”

Later, it was found out that one of the engines in the flight had failed and the flight was 5000 to 6000ft up in the air when it happened.As the captain made the safe landing ambulances, fire brigade trucks were kept ready for an untoward incident.


According to a report by The Indian Express Saurabh Tandon, one of the passengers who was on the flight told,“At least five to seven minutes after take-off, I heard people screaming about a fire.As I looked to my left, I noticed that the left engine had caught fire. The plane was flying at around 5,000-6,000 feet. The fire, which lasted for about 30 seconds, somehow went off, probably because the pilots switched off the engine,” he added.

Thanks to Rohit, a big mishap was prevented. Unlike most of the people who might just have gone confused about what to do in such situations, he showed his presence of mind and did the best.

The Indian Feed appreciates the swift action taken by Rohit’s family and the Delhi Police. So many families must be thanking him for saving their dearest ones.

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