Murders. Rapes. Ragging. Period-shaming. As we have received every possible crime bulletins from what is called ‘house of knowledge and learning’, here is another sensitive piece from Sarvodaya girls school in Ghaziabad waiting to be discovered.

A 16 YO girl. A good student who aims at being a teacher in future. Younger daughter to her parents. One day, she returns home from school troubled. When asked by mother, she mentioned being humiliated by a teacher. And then, she hangs herself to death.

She left behind a suicide note for her father where she speaks of being called names by a teacher that embarrassed her and hence she chooses to get away from life as a whole.

She was a good student. Her elder brother is pursuing BSc. Two days ago, they got into an argument. She had told him that she would become a teacher and earn money. How humiliated did my daughter feel that she took such a step just a day later?” said her father to The Indian Express, who works at a tire-manufacturing unit.


He’s still clueless at what really went wrong. “My daughters recently enrolled in the government school. I met her teachers two-three times; there were no complaints,” he adds.

When contacted, the principal of the school says she is unaware of it. An FIR, though has been filed against the teacher involved with charges of abetment to suicide.

We registered an FIR under IPC Section 306 against the teacher on the basis of a complaint filed by the Class XI student’s father. The investigation is underway. A suicide note has also been recovered. The body was sent for post-mortem and has been handed over to the family,” Rakesh Kumar Mishra, DCP (Indirapuram), said.

The deceased’s family, comprised of her father, mother, Grandmother and for sibling must be started by the pain of her untimely departure.


“She and my younger daughter reached home around 11-11.30 am. They were sitting and watching TV when I noticed tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was humiliated by her teacher and that the teacher would call her father to school tomorrow and humiliate him. I asked her not to worry and went out. When I came back, she was gone.” The Indian Express quotes her mother.


What exactly happened that humiliated the teenager so much that she found death easier? It’s still unknown. And we hope we get to know the truth soon from the teacher who certainly deserves punishment. On the other hand, dear readers, let us tell you that no matter how many difficulties get in your way, life is beautiful. At least more beautiful than death. Don’t let go of it so easily. Look at your parents. Your family. Friends. Everyone who loves you. You’ve got some responsibilities towards them all. You’ve got to love them back. They need you. Think about it before you dare to take such drastic steps. Talk. People around you are eager to hear you and help you. Don’t simply end your precious life like this, please.

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