What is that takes the faith of our belief away? Betrayal? Disloyalty?

In this incident, it’s inclusive of all. The betrayal by the citizens of the city and disloyalty by the humanity to its people. Janki Dave – A journalist’s pride for Delhi was taken aback when on Tuesday evening she was abused, was attempted a physical assault against her and dozens of threats came on her face.

Just like most of us living in Metropolitan do, she booked an Uber Cab for Airport. Unfortunately, she was stuck in the traffic for over 2 hours and definitely could not make it for the flight which was scheduled at 8:05 pm. She politely asked the driver if he could take a U-Turn and drop her back to the place he has picked her from, expectedly, she was denied and she could see the impatience level elevating in the driver.

He didn’t only refuse her for going back, rather parked his car in the middle of the road under a flyover and ended the trip. Upon requesting if he could drop her near the gas station which was 2 minutes away, he got furious – got out of his seat- and starting throwing her things and bags away. Witnessing that he was about to throw her laptop which was, of course, the last thing in his reach, she jumped and didn’t let him destroy it.

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What followed all this were abuses, threats, and indulgence in attempt to physical assault. Even “Maar Dalunga, Ladki Hai, Sambhal Ke Reh” came on her face like a spit or maybe worse than that.

A girl who was proud of living independently a good life she could afford, brushing off all the security concerns because it was her HOME and what not, was treated this way. In a city of loud noise, wide roads and rush all around, this girl found solace until this incident took place and shocked her to the core.


Suspending such employees won’t do much good, the humanity should remain to the least. What shocked her more was, more than 15 people were gazing at the incident without taking any action or opposing. Is this the kind of society we would want to live in? Is this independence? Is this humanity? Or for that matter, Is this any behavior we would want for ourselves?

We hope the questions are answered by our own sense of humanity.

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