Uber always manages to stay in the headlines and all thanks to its cab drivers. As several satisfied customers don’t step away from thanking the drivers for their good gestures which they totally deserve, the inflow of complaints against few miscreants can’t be overlooked either.

One such tweet attracts the attention of netizens wherein a Delhi based woman, Amrita Das shares her bitter experience while traveling with Uber.


Amrita, who’s a journalist by profession was on her journey with her husband when she asked her Uber driver to turn the AC on.

Rude and creepy driver. I demand action. First, he refused to turn on the air conditioner, then says garmi lag rahi hai to aage mere godi me baith jao [If you are feeling hot then come and sit on my lap]. He also ended the trip, moments after starting to drive and forced me out. This is when I was with husband,” she tweets her driver’s response also tags Uber in the thread.

In a prompt retaliation Uber tweets back “We’re so sorry to hear about this. Our team has recently responded via email. Please reply here if you have additional questions.”

Also, Uber spokesperson assures immediate removal of the accused driver’s access to the app and an investigation into the issue.

However, Twitterati had a mixed reaction to offer. As some stood with Amrita some others called her lier instead.

As cab services are gaining popularity, more and more people are depending on them for their daily transports. Hence, they must ensure safety anyway.

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