Looking at the number of crimes against women, sometimes it feels that there is no point discussing the standards of women safety in our country, especially in Delhi-NCR region.In yet another harrowing incident involving cab driver, a woman was stranded along with the driver on a lonley stretch.Fortunately the woman was able to call her friend whose timely presence at the spot avoided a probable mishap.


Ananya Bhattacharya, who works as an editor at the India Today Group Digital, shared a horrifying experience of her on Twitter in a series of tweets. Here are the tweets that Ananya shared

Fortunately, she was able to call her friend for help

Women safety will remain a dream until the mindsets are not changed and fear of law is not instilled in the mind of criminals, which looks unlikely in near future looking at the attitude of our cops

Later she tweeted the response of Uber India, who have apologized and suspended the driver until a proper inquiry is done but only after 10 hours passed.

While proper unbiased inquiry should be done in the case, and even if it is established that the driver had no wrong intentions the incident is truly horrifying and action must be taken against the driver if found guilty of even drunk driving.

Rising number of cab related incidents in India and poor response from the cops and other authorities continue to raise questions about the safety of women in India.


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