The ongoing digital revolution has significantly solved the netizen’s problem of commuting inside and outside of the city. Apps like Uber and Ola have been really successful in solving the pain point of commuters to visit the places where public transport remain inaccessible. People have placed their faith in these App based services because of their quality service.

But, a number of instances when drivers of these cabs aggregators have committed heinous crimes seriously raises our concern about the safety standards of these services.


A similar incident has been reported from the city of Nizam, Hyderabad where a Uber driver started masturbating inside the car while driving a female passenger to the Airport. The incident took place when the woman booked an Uber ride to reach the Hyderabad airport for catching a flight to Delhi. As the cab reached Outer Ring Road, the woman observed that her driver was glancing her in the rear-view mirror. It took her minutes to understand what he was doing.

The woman took to Facebook to describe her horrific experience while riding with Uber, attaching a screenshot showing the driver’s 4.54-rated, two-month-old Uber profile.

“Today my #Uber driver thought it was perfectly normal to masturbate while dropping me to the airport. As soon as we were on the relatively empty ORR in #Hyderabad, he slowed the car to about a 50 kmph and kept glancing back in the rear-view mirror. After about 5mins when I realized what he was doing, I shouted and asked him to stop the car – unfazed, and continuing his act, he very nonchalantly asked me what was wrong. After much screaming, he reluctantly stopped the car and continued standing on the road until I took a picture of him and threatened to go to the cops” the woman wrote on her Facebook wall.

After getting out of the cab, the woman booked another cab to reach the airport.She had to wait by the roadside to reach another cab to her. She was scared and traumatized with the experience she had to go through.

“I was scared- as an alone woman in a still-unfamiliar city. Scared of what else he may do since I’d threatened him. Scared that he may return while I waited on the road for another cab. Scared at how utterly powerless I felt when he blankly looked at me, without an ounce of guilt on his face. And most of all, scared that this was probably not the first time he’d done this- yet he was still out there, just a matter of time until he did the same, or God forbid, did worse with some other woman.” she wrote further on her Facebook post.

The name that is showing in the screenshot consists of just one letter, we wonder why the app is not programmed to throw an error when the name consists of only a single letter.It’s really shocking to see that the incident took place just a few days after the #MeToo hashtag campaign, which observed women sharing stories of sexual abuse, took the society by storm.

The woman finished her post promising to do all that she could do to ensure that action is taken “against this worthless excuse of a man.”A spokesperson for Uber India told IndiaToday, “What’s been described has no place on our app. Our community guidelines clearly reject such inappropriate behavior. The driver partner’s access to the Uber app has been barred.”

The woman is continuously updating her facebook post on any advances being made on the issue.She has thanked Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India who submitted a request on her behalf to the Commissioner of Police (Hyderabad) to have this matter investigated.

The incident is not first of its kind, such incidents have already been reported many times by the commuters from across India.We hope that Uber and Police Department takes this matter more seriously to avoid such instances in near future.


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