This is one of those rare stories that we come across while scrolling our hectic news feed. Stories that happen somewhere around us and re-install our faith in humanity.

Twitter user Priyasmita Guha tweeted the whole incident herself. Driver Santosh dropped her and her mother at their scheduled destination at 1 in the night. But the gate to their residence was shut and they had no other option but wait.

Source : Videoblocks

In a world where crimes happen in broad daylight and safety hours conveniently end at 10 pm, two women waiting at this late hour was in no way free from risk. Hence, Santosh decided to be with them and ensure their safety. He kept waiting for 1.5 hours with the women and even declined any further ride requests.

This is heart-winning, isn’t it? Priyasmita made it a point to thank the driver. It’s the moral responsibility of media that brings us the news of frauds, loots, and rapes committed by cab drivers every day to also bring this side of them into the spotlight.

We salute the gesture of Santosh and hope all cab drivers show the same amount of care and concern for the women out there!

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