While news of male children in Orphanages and shelter homes being exploited surfaced vigorously, we tamed our minds to not align rape only with the female when it comes to children. For we assumed that every child is equally vulnerable and deserves equal protection. Now here is another shocking news that lets us know that our children are not just prone to being raped but equally prone to become rapists at a much early age.

As reported by hi, the 4 YO girl who’s the victim in this case was playing outside her house while her daily labourer parents were away for work. The accused, the 12 YO boy who’s a distant kin of the child took her to his house in the same neighborhood and committed sexual crimes with her. The incident took place at around 3:30pm, Saturday. The step-mother of the victim and other women of the house failed to notice her absence in the house because the girl often used to go out to play.

However, she was in pain and started screaming loud. This terrified the accused and he fled the spot. At 5:30 pm, when the girl’s parents returned, they found her in a pool of blood and she was rushed to hospital. Though there has been no penetration, the initial acts caused the bleeding, say her medical reports and add that she has endured injuries on her private parts.

“The case has been lodged under POCSO Act. The survivor was produced before the Child Welfare Committee which sent her with the parents after completing legal formalities,” Jhadol SHO Chandra Shekhar said.

We’re waiting for judiciary to declare the monster-in-building as juvenile but simultaneously wonder how this ‘juvenile’ grew up to be wise and efficient enough to commit rape. Criminals must be prosecuted depending on the gravity of the crimes they commit and under no circumstances must be shielded pleading age.

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