Udaipur: Narendra Singh, a resident of Bhagal village of Rajsamand district has been facing his village’s Panchayat’s wrath for over three months because he stopped a child marriage.

Apparently, in April this year, Narendra informed the authorities of Mohan Singh performing the child marriage of his minor son. Infuriated with the incident, Mohan took his case to the panchayat who then fined Narendra for over Rs 2.61 lakh for stopping the child marriage.

Not only that, Narendra who works at a private job in Ahmedabad, when returned home for Navratri this year, his family and he had to face a social boycott from the entire village after a jaati meeting was held at the panchayat.

According to a report by TOI, Narendra Singh said, “The panch jury imposed a penalty of 2 lakh 61 thousand rupees on me. They have threatened me that I wouldn’t be permitted for cremation at the community shamshan, no one would keep any relationship with my family.”

“I have to go out often for my work, my mother and wife stay alone when I am working at Ahmedabad. I have safety concerns for my family and hence I reported the matter to police in October but no action was taken,” Singh claimed.

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Not only the panchayat has been pressurizing him to withdraw the complaint but also threatened him that they would accuse his mother of being a ‘Dayan’ and drive her out of the village.

Meanwhile, the panchayat asked everybody to not maintain any sort of communication with Narendra’s family or they’ll be bound to pay a penalty of 11 thousand rupees for the same.

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