A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Special Court in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday awarded death sentence to two police officers in the Udayakumar custodial death case, and his mother Prabhavathi Amma had a sigh of relief after fighting the battle for over 13 years.


What was the case?

On September 27, 2005, Udayakumar and his friend Suresh Kumar were picked up by Fort Police in Thiruvananthapuram from near Sreekanteswaram Park. Suresh was picked up in connection with a theft case.

Udayakumar was in possession of Rs 4,000 and the police assumed that it was the stolen money. He along with Suresh was then allegedly subjected to third-degree methods of interrogation at the Fort Police Station. Udaykumar was pinned down on a table and the police rolled a large iron rod over his body. Udaykumar, who sustained grievous injuries, succumbed.

Losing her son wasn’t less traumatizing but losing him because of such violence and brutality broke the mother and she was left devastated. Nothing made her as happy as the verdict of the court as now she says she can try to sleep.

As much as she was happy with the verdict she remembered his son, would have been 40 if alive, she felt a loss that can never be compensated not even with the verdict in her favour.“I gave him (Udaya) what I could,” she said speaking to The New Indian Express.

She also mentioned how this journey has been so tough for her and the struggle she had to go through from the past 13 years.“People tried to harm me many times. But I survived to see this occasion,” she said.“I am happy that the court found the culprits guilty, but at the same time, I am sad that my son is not with me. It was a fight for my son and I hope to be where he is,” said Prabhavathi Amma to The News Minute as she broke down in front of the media.


She repeated that she isn’t afraid of anybody as she has nothing to lose. “My life was for my son and with my son; without him, I have no life. But I have come this far,” she said.
With justice being served she said she doesn’t want to talk to her son’s killers. “Sreekumar used to look at me during the court proceedings, but when I looked at him, his look wavered,” she said. “I don’t want to talk to them. What is there left for me to talk?”

She also said that this is not only an achievement for her but for all the mothers who have a similar story to hers and with justice being served such brutality will not be repeated.


“She got justice only because of her relentless fight for justice. It is not easy to have CBI investigation on a case,” said Mohanan, Amma’s brother.

Truth always reveals itself in the end, it takes time but it does anyway. Amma waited for long 13 years to get a verdict and to give her son justice but our Law should make sure that the proceedings and judgements should require lesser time and punishes such people who take it in their hands and think it’s their right to take someone’s life away.

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