With the ongoing results season a lot of inspiring stories are emerging from every part of the country. But, whether it be Ranchi boy’s story who fought with bone cancer or the story of Miss India, one thing was common in both the cases, they had the support of their family.

Here is the story of a girl suffering from rare condition fragile bone disorder who was disowned by her family when she was 14 because she wanted to continue her studies after class 8. Meet Ummul Kher who has cleared prestigious civil services exams in her first attempt with an AIR of 420 and hopes to get IAS under PD quota.

Kher suffers from fragile bone disorder which is a rare condition that results in weak bones that fracture easily. Kher has received 16 fractures and eight surgeries due to her disease.

When she was in class 5 she shifted from Rajasthan to Delhi with her family where her father used to work as a street vendor and used to sell clothes near Hazrat Nizamuddin while the family lived in a nearby slum.

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She took admission in a school for disabled where she studied up to class 5th. Then she completed her studies till 8th standard from Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, where she used to manage with one time of food but the education was free.

This is where the life took a u-turn for kher, “I wanted to study at Arwachin Bharti Bhawan senior secondary school as it had better infrastructure and I had got a scholarship,” she told to HT. But, her parents argued that that she had got more education than what a girl should and warned that they will sever ties with her if she demanded to study further.

“I was abused. My intentions were questioned because I wanted to study. It was the worst time”, she added.

She then decided to leave her home and took a jhuggi on rent and started providing tutions to the children of the slum. But, since they were mostly children of rickshaw pullers, iron smith and labourers she used to get only Rs 50-100 per month from each. “For a girl to live alone in a jhuggi was sometimes traumatic. It was never safe but I had no choice,” she added.

She scored 91 percent marks in 12th and got admission in Gargi college and continued funding her studied through tutions. She also took part in debates in college fests to fund her education but still she wasn’t able to manage to participate in all the debates as the timings used to clash with the tution timings.

Destiny once again took an ugly turn when she met with an accident in 2012 and life was confined to wheelchair for a year due to her bone disorder.

After her graduation Kher cleared JNU exams for master’s in International Studies and was now getting a scholarship of rs 2000 thereby eliminating her need to give tutions.

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When asked whether she will forgive her family for leaving her in this condition she said, “I don’t blame them. They were brought up in an environment that shaped their thinking. It is not their fault”. “I have not made a phone call yet as they don’t know what civil services mean. But I will visit them soon.”

Her family now lives in Rajasthan where they have a bangle shop.

We throw our hats off to Ummul and hope she gets the IAS and continues to serve the country with same dedication, as the amount of efforts she has put in realizing her dream is too damn high. We hope her family accepts her and realizes how wrong they were in leaving their own daughter in such a condition just because she demanded to study further.

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