Disclaimer: Graphic content ahead, viewer discretion advised.

“They are also somebody’s children,” requested an acquaintance but the cops were adamant on not helping to avoid getting the car soiled.

While it is clearly taught that in the need of emergency, reach to police and seek help, the recent media news proves it wrong.2 teenagers in the Saharanpur district bleed to death after 3 policemen denied to carry them to hospital mentioning their car would be stained with blood showing intense insensitivity.

The passerby had contacted 100 which is a project by the Uttar Pradesh Government implemented for a statewide system of police patrolling throughout for prompt action, the vehicle though arrived on time however when the policemen refused to help. The people gathered, quivered and tried to request repeatedly saying “Nobody else has a car here. Take them” putting in all the efforts and energy.

Arpit Khurana and Sunny Garg were 2 teenagers going back home on a motorcycle when they hit a pole and fell down the drain, bleeding profusely. By the time next vehicle arrived, it was too late and even though they were taken to the nearest hospital, the duo was declared brought dead.

KS Emmanuel, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Saharanpur Range, says, “It’s an unfortunate incident. The policemen acted in an extremely inhumane way. We are taking strict action against them. For now, they have been suspended. I have asked for a report in 24 hours before further action.” Adding that he won’t delay if even FIR needs to be filed against them.

It was later discovered that Sunny’s father has terminal cancer and Sunny used to do odd jobs to help the family financially.

The family is deeply shocked hearing this news and relative comments “I have seen slogans on police cars about how they are eager to help at any time of the day. Please remove that line if you do not want to help. Had there been a policeman’s son in place of Sunny, would they have done the same?”

Now that 2 lives have been lost, the family is left with nothing but to mourn the death because of someone’s rigid negligence which no punishment can bring back. We hope that it is not faced by any other human regardless of any factor and that the officials take a firm stand on such issues terminating such officers who don’t have humanity approach.

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