Infants. Kids. Women. Senior citizens. Rape has managed to tick almost everyone. Today, we have a totally new face of humanity to unveil before you. To this checklist is added a cancer patient as well.

A 15 YO girl from UP was raped by her acquaintance and neighbor, Shubham and one of his friends, Sumit on Saturday night. Though not fighting cancer anymore, it is reported that the survivor was diagnosed with blood cancer four years ago and her medical conditions, as of now are stable.


The incident took place in Lucknow when at around 8:30 pm Shubham asked her to go with him to an eatery to feast on some noodles. She agreed and they rode away on Shubham’s bike. They chatted for a good 20 minutes after which Sumit, Shubham’s friend joined them. Then, with due course of the talk, they took her to a secluded place near chhilawaan masjid in Sarojininagar, raped her, dumped her and fled the crime scene.

“I was unable to walk or speak properly. I was trembling with fear”, she states in her complaint.

After the horrific experience, she somehow collected herself and sought help from a passerby named Virendra Yadav from Banthara, 45 YO site worker. She explained him everything and he offered her lift too. Little did she know of the new horror awaiting her! Virendra took her to a secluded place and raped her again. At around midnight, she managed to reach her home 3km. Away from crime location, spoke to her parents and at around 4:30 am, Sunday police was informed.


“Despite being betrayed by an acquaintance, I sought help from Virendra as he appeared as a good Samaritan. But he too took me to a secluded place and raped me before fleeing the spot“, complaints a broken teenager girl.

She belongs to a humble family and is youngest of her parent’s three daughters. Her father, who runs a small business speaks of his daughter’s ambition for higher education.

As of the advancements, Public Relations Officer (PRO) to the DGP, Rahul Srivastava told IANS that Sumit and Virendra (a father of five) are under arrest and Shubham is still absconding.

One more victim. One more crime. Few more criminals. One more news. And the cycle of crime goes on! But this incidence gives us a strong teaching, NOT TO TRUST ANYONE WITH THE FACE OF A HUMAN. WE REPEAT, NEVER! 

Images for representational purpose/ News Source: TOI

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