Shri Krishna, a 44-year-old resident of Sonda Habibpur village in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, was forced to lick spit off the floor in the panchayat when his son eloped with a girl of a different faith and married her against her family’s wishes.


21-year-old, Shivkumar fled with Razia (18), a resident of the same village, on June 6, after which the girl’s family approached the police. Shree Krishna was then held for his son’s act and was blamed for the incident. The duo was located in Delhi and was brought back to the village, “The girl was produced before the court where she insisted that she went with Shivkumar of her own will and wanted to be with him,” Krishna told The Hindu.

The couple even married the same day with the court’s permission and Krishna asked them to leave the village despite knowing the consequences.
“Here, a man cannot marry a girl from the same village. She was also from a different religion. I told my son to leave the village, else someone would kill him,” he said, adding that the couple left the village immediately.

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It was on June 26 that Krishna was called in front of the village panchayat because the girl’s family wanted to settle the matter. Upon reaching with his brother he realized that they were tricked and only people with the upper class attended the panchayat.

When he sat on the chair like everybody else, he was forced to sit on the floor. “I was told to lick my own spit. When I didn’t do it for a few seconds, they thrashed me. I finally did it,” Mr Krishna said.

Mr Krishna isn’t living in the village anymore even though his family is. His family has been given police protection and he is currently staying near the police station.
“I am scared I will be killed if I go back,” he further said.


As per reports, a case has been registered under relevant sections of the IPC and SC/ST Act.
This is not only inhuman but also a matter of huge concern that even after more than 70 years of Independence, why are someone’s caste and religion still deciding their future? Clearly, it’s not only affecting them but also their families, because the so-called upper castes think no end of themselves.

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