It is said that dogs are man’s best friend. An incident happened in Lucknow that could prove that saying yet again.

In a small town of Banda in Uttar Pradesh, when a fire broke out in a building, a dog saved the lives of over 30 people residing in building at that point of time.

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The dog kept barking loudly, constantly trying to alert them of the mishap that took place. Unfortunately, even though the dog saved so many lives, he got consumed by the flames of that fire itself because he was tied. It was because of the dog that everybody could manage to escape right on time but he could not because of a blast that took place post the fire broke out.

While talking to the news agency, ANI, an eyewitness stated that the heroic dog who managed to alert people about the fire died after a cylinder blasted.

We urge our readers who own a dog and to the ones who don’t, please make sure you have a safety measure/procedure for dogs in your societies/apartments/houses. Mishaps can happen any day, any time, it can be your dog, or someone else’s, or even a street dog. Let’s take a step ahead to take care of them, cause we know they really do care for us.

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